The chef Michel Portos (two Michelin stars and Chef of the year in 2012 by the Gault & Millau) and chef Erik Marchesan share their passion for cooking but mostly their strong belief to elaborate a fine cuisine based on a subtle and well thought combination of simple ingredients. Alongside Michel and Erik, you will experience astonishing, rich and hearty flavors.


Didon was the legendary founder and first queen of Carthage. Today, the restaurant Didon is located in the heart of Paris and specifically in the exquisite 6th district. In a setting that is both stylish and cosy, you will discover the bistronomie at its best, with subtle and creative dishes highlighting noble ingredients and flavors with state of the art charcoal grilling techniques.

Drinks & wine

Our wine menu is created by Stephane Derenoncourt, a dear friend, a craftsman and a self-taught winemaker. Stephane values wine as a vibrant encounter between Men. His motto is common sense and respect for the manual endeavor. Stephane advises and makes the wines that he likes to drink and share.

The menu

Our menu is created by Michelin Star Chef Michel Portos and executed by our chef Erik Marchesan.




grilled, lemon, quinoa, green peas, wild garlic, shellfish espuma (Iranian Beluga caviar supplement 15€)

Beef ribs


in a skewer, peppers, jalapeno, braising jus with red shiso

Asparagus (vegetarian)


the white variety, remoulade, mustard, miso, egg yolk with passion fruit

Ravioli (vegan)


stuffed with chard and potato, ginger, lemon, shallot broth with soy sauce


Gnocchi (vegetarian)


fried, various beetroot textures, horseradish, Gorgonzola fondue

Chick peas (vegan)


espuma hummus style, vegetables, confit of onions with spices, radicchio


single portion 37 / to share 74

loin charcoal grilled, artichoke, capers, black garlic, Banyuls vinegar jus


single portion 38 / to share 76

grilled leg confit, barberry, porto, duck grease béarnaise

Flat iron beef steak (in 2 services)


grilled and in an aromatic broth, shiitake with ginger, soy, cashew nut, scallion

Sea bream


whole grilled fish in butterfly style, tomato, lemon, olives, basil, fish soup

Lobster in 3 courses

87 / 174

Italian style claw with a coral mayonnaise, Lebanese taco with taboulé, labné, cucumber pickles and sumac, Asian style tail with carrot, ginger, garlic crisps, chilli-infused olive oil and bisque

Tomahawk 40d dry aged

to share 152

grilled Salers/Angus beef, carrot, marigold, purple mustard jus

Side dishes

Padron peppers


with tomato, red onions, garlic crisps

Walnut sized potatoes


steamed and then double fried (sunflower and beef grease)



charcoal grilled, yoghurt with tomato, sumac


Cheese from Laurent Dubois (award winner Best Craftsman of France)


Lentu ( Corsican cheese) with seasonal homemade fruits compote and hazelnut raisin bruschetta

Clementine (vegan)


salad with Timut pepper, smoked orange compote, orange blossom sorbet, blood orange espuma



Pink lady tarte tatin, caramel confit with cinnamon, compote with Calvados and cider, vanilla ice cream, puff pastry, vanilla cream

Black chocolate


to share (or not), a brioche stuffed with chocolate cream, cocoa sorbet, chocolate drink, blackberry compote

Our team

Executive chef

Michel Portos

Head Chef

Erik Marchesan


Carole & Imad



8 rue du Dragon 75006 Paris
Tel : +331.

Opening hours

Monday to Thursday :  7pm – 10.30pm

Friday : 12pm – 2pm & 7pm – 11pm

Saturday : 12pm – 2.30pm & 7pm – 11pm

Sunday : 12pm – 2.30pm & 7pm – 10.30pm


Our establishments

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